Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Art on the move = Mapping Pizza

Meg Duguid and Catie Olson’s held an art moving parade. On April 30th Duguid and Olson moved Meg’s art collection from her old apartment to her new apartment that is located just three blocks away. For this process they used cardboard, tape, a dolly, a little red wagon, manpower, a map, BLACK STILETTOS, and properly garnished pizza.

Duguid and Olson’s two- person parade of packaged art works followed a route from 2846 West 21st street, to 2226 South Marshall Blvd. Each group of works mimicked a lone post-modern parade float of carefully curated boxes that were pushed, pulled, and carried by the high-heeled clad duo. The works transported ranged from small to large, weighing form under a pound to a 250 pound bronze work. Artist work in the move include Andrew Natale, Frank Pollard, Amanda Ross-Ho, Bobby Burg, Siebren Versteeg, Jessica Peterson, Diego Bobby, Jack Sloss, Erik Brown, Stanlyn Breve, Terra Fuller, Iain Muirhead, Elisa Lendvay, Mike Wolf, Dominique Rey, and Brian Taylor.

Utilizing their mapped route Duguid and Olson created and eatable map created from a rectangular cheese pizza with pepperoni dots representing the trail they took on the with artwork parade. Duguid and Olson then kicked off their BLACK STILETTOS, eat the pizza map, and drink beer as a time honored tradition of moving.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

It has come to our attention that we do not own a pair of BLACK STILETTOS

April 1, 2010

Chicago Loop, 5:00 p.m.

It has come to our attention that we do not own a pair of BLACK STILETTOS

1. BLACK STILETTOS our a must in every woman's closet

2. It has come to our attention that we do not own a pair of BLACK STILETTOS

3. April first is APRIL FOOLS DAY

4. On APRIL FOOLS DAY we will shop for the thinnest blackest heels we can find

5. Thin black heels are not a joke. They are BLACK STILETTOS

6. BLACK STILETTOS are made for moving

7. We will purchase BLACK STILETTOS to move ART

8. We will call the action of moving ART, PERFORMANCE ART

9. In the end the BLACK STILETTOS will sit in our closet

10. Then we will have taken care of a must in our closet