Sunday, September 27, 2009

"Pie Art" -- Finger Pie Fight

This is the Finger Pie Fight that took place in the gallery, "Pie Art", space created by Meg Duguid & Catie Olson.

"Pie Art"

For the Last Supper in Fall, 2009, we created a pie sculpture mailed from Chicago to NYC. This sculpture work, entitled Pie Art,
is our take on pie and high art. Essentially we created a larger-than life-sized sculptural lemon meringue pie that has a slice cut out of it. This pie sculpture is two and a half times larger in scale than an average sized pie, and perhaps two and a half times tastier (?). The diameter of the pie is 24” across. In the place where the slice would have been is our two-person exhibition, white walls, a wood floor and clip lighting—our “Slice of Gallery” so to speak. In our Pie Gallery, Meg and Catie showed the remains of a finger pie fight inside the mini "Slice of Gallery". Small banana cream pies lay next to cherry pies as well as chocolate cream remnants with graham cracker crumbs and their pie tins. The mini pies were about the size of a quarter, but still held up in the finger pie fight. Next to the Pie Art space we displayed the cut out piece of lemon meringue pie on a small white plate. The slice allowed the viewer to see the internal pie layers since the cut out slice portion has “white pie cube” walls. The pie sat upon the mailing box/ box (approximately 50lbs.) smartly "serving" as its pedestal.