Sunday, August 31, 2008

Largest Mud Pie, Handing Out Mud Pies, Smallest Mud Pie, Last Minute Confusion

Largest Mud Pie

So our plot to make the World's Largest Mud Pie has been foiled.

In a last minute decision, Deitch Projects has decided that they cannot get us water to create the amount of mud we need. This is about 20 to 30 gallons of water or about 5 minutes with a hose. As we have been spending all our time and resources on the actual tin, this is a big issue for us. Especially since we don’t own a car and we were going to walk the component parts of the piece from Brooklyn to the parade site. We can't roll 30 gallons of water across the Williamsburg Bridge on top of the tin and large pie implements. We also think that buying purified water on site is not only expensive, but a waste.

Deitch has also let us know that we can't dispose of our mud pie after the parade. This might also be an issue, as once the piece has been put together and the trash added, how are we going to an 8' round mud pie back to Brooklyn to get rid of it?

Oh and did we mention that it's only 2 weeks before the parade when we got this information.

Never fear we have a back up plan:

Handing Out Mud Pies

For the Art Parade we would like to make mud pies from the trash everyone else leaves behind. Essentially we want to be last in the lineup and act as the cleanup women following the parade--one of us pulling a red wagon filled with dirt and pie tins and one of us carrying a broom and dust pan. As we go along the parade route, we will be sweeping up the trash that came from projects before us and mixing it into a mud pie that is to be handed to viewers along the route. Each pie will come complete with a written notice to the viewers stating that they have been pied.

We still have a proposal in to Guinness, but as they take so long to get back to us, perhaps that piece is for a different time. We understand the constraints placed on your staff for this parade and we think the above proposal might be easier on everyone. The large pie implements, and our outfits will still stay the same.

Sadly this piece too came to a watery end. We are not allowed to hand things out to the audience, so this one is out.

Were a little concerned as now it's a week and a half until the parade.

But we have yet another plan:

To create the World's Smallest Mud Pie!

Stay tuned....

Here our our supplies for our float:

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pie Implements

Catie and Erik (her husband) have bought their plane tickets to New York for the Parade.

We have our outfits and some of our giant implements.

We are working on how to construct a giant pie tin.

The Price of metal is high so it would cost $3600 to have an 8' fabricated out of steel, so we are thinking perhaps plastic or wood.

We think that we will actually wheel the carts of materials to make our piece from my house in Bushwick over the Williamsburgh bridge to the parade site. There we can put the piece together, do our make-up at Saphora, and buy dirt for the mud portion of the pie. We are hoping for a ridiculous day.