Friday, August 3, 2007

deck of pies

costume: dress in outfit that has round "pie shapes"; others might call them polka dots or circles, apron (fancy one)??

1. go shopping for ingredients to make 2 ginger peach pies

fresh peaches (about 12)
crystallized ginger
flour - enough to make 4 crusts total
2 pie tins
2 forks (you may forks you already own)
measuring cups and bowl
oven (hot)

so before you actually make 2 peach pies a sculptured deck of pie ingredients should be constructed, then after the sculpture is built, tear it apart and prepare 2 peach pies

bottom layer --- sprinkle sugar on table (specific amount TBA)
place about 6 whole peaches in sugar and place 1 pie tin on top of whole peaches --tin is bottom side up

slice remaining six peaches and arrange on top of pie tin

place next pie tin bottom side down on top of sliced peaches

put flour (specific amount TBA), water (amount TBA) and shortening/butter (amount TBA) in the pie tin

place two forks in water, flour, shortening mixture-- maybe find a next chunk of shortening to stick fork in -- put some of the candied ginger in the prongs of the fork

once the sculpture is built, destruct sculpture and make two ginger peach pies (top and bottom crusts for both)

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Meg said...

The dress has been purchased!

It is a deconstructivist pie tin dress